COVID-19 Update

October 19, 2020


Considering the developments and the evolution of the situation of COVID-19, Lamarre & Son Funeral Home regularly reviews and updates its policies and practices related to the funeral services to be provided to residents of Alfred and the surrounding communities.

It goes without saying that business operations need to be regularly adjusted in connection with the constant changes we are experiencing. Our daily lives are now led by actions that we must all take in order to reduce the spread of the virusto prevent overwhelming our health care system. We therefore invite you to take the danger seriously and follow governments instructions.

Since social distancing is currently the best way to minimize this spread, decisions and actions must be taken for the safety of all. We remain accessible 24/7, while we invite you to communicate with us by phone before coming to the funeral home.From there, we will assist you in organizing services that will meet your needs with empathy, respect and compassion and above all, in the most sanitized environment possible.

Funeral practices and rites may have to be altered while we will accompany you in this process.

Funeral arrangements will have to be completed with a minimum of family members and in some cases we may have to complete some arrangements by telephone or by using other technological devices. Visitation and celebrations could be organized in the presence of a limited number of family members while others may be postponed. Relatives and friends will be able to communicate with you more than ever via the funeral home’s website and its Facebook page.

While this is a time of many challenges for all, we remain committed to make every effort to ensure that families have the ability to say farewell in a meaningful manner.

At your service,

Lamarre & Son Funeral Home