Funeral Products

Funeral products are caskets, vaults, cremation containers, urns, keepsakes or any other custom products.


There are actually two types of caskets, those constructed of wood and those made of metal. The main difference between the two is that the casket made of metal, once closed, is hermetically sealed, while those made of wood are not. The main characteristics to consider when choosing a casket are the material used to fabricate it, the thickness of the material, the shape of the case, the handles and the case interior. Whether in wood or metal, the casket may be in full couch or half couch style. A full couch casket is a casket whose lid opens fully, that is, from head to toe, and is provided with a panel that covers the lower part from the belt. A half couch casket is a casket whose lid only opens at the top half. Wood caskets are made from a variety of species: cherry, oak, maple, ash, poplar, pine, etc. The casket can be 100 percent made from a quality species of wood or can be made from pressed wood covered by a thin layer of quality wood. Metal caskets are made using bronze, copper, stainless steel and steel. The thickness of these metals is measured by the number of oz. of metal per square foot or by the gauge. The casket may be customized with an interior panel and/or corners, or with engraving, a choice of paint or a design on the case. In our selection room we have fifteen types of caskets to suit different budgets and the needs of each family.



Like caskets, urns are made of a variety of materials or of a combination of materials: metal, wood, onyx, marble or granite, real or synthetic. Urns are available in all shapes and concepts and can be customized by engraving, a motif, a photo or an appliqué. Our selection room contains a large number of different urns to meet the needs of each family.



A vault is a permanent housing designed to provide lasting protection for an urn or a casket against certain underground elements, such as water and the weight of the soil. The vault should obtain inner peace for you by protecting the casket or urn from water or damages related to weight.


A keepsake is actually a miniature urn which is normally kept by the family in memory of the deceased. Some families prefer to deposit ashes in it, while others keep the keepsake simply as a commemorative symbol. A keepsake may be a true copy of the urn in which the ashes are deposited or it may take several other shapes and sizes such as jewellery, a vase, a frame, etc.


In today’s world, families are more and more customizing each stage of the funeral process. This customization is in the form of funeral cards/bookmarks, photomontage, video montage, candle, funeral stationery (such as the guest book), drawn portrait of the deceased and many others.

For more information on funeral products, please be free to contact us any way you wish and we will be happy to provide product information and price lists.

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